About Us

The Birth Place of the Jasmin Organic Skin Care Products:

Imagine a place nestled atop a beautiful mountain that has views to the Great Pacific Ocean, set against a backdrop of lush sub-tropical rainforest, where the ground is so fertile that exotic plants and crops can flourish all year round. A place which has abundant sparkling water, the purest in Australia.

Imagine a place where all this beauty comes together as the sanctuary of a natural skin care company, a world where purity, nature and beauty can co-exist.

There is such a place... it is called Mount Tamborine, located in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia; and it is the home of Jasmin Place, where the world's most luxurious certified organic skin care range is blended and formulated to the highest levels of natural purity and internationally-recognized certification standards.

Welcome to the world of Jasmin... a world where beauty, well being and nature have been carefully blended together to form the luxurious certified organic Jasmin Skin Care product suite.

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Because not all 'Natural' products are truly natural at all...
You Deserve Better -- Australian Organic Food Chain (OFC) and USDA Certified Organic.
Your guarantee of ingredient purity and product organic integrity.

Organic Certification is a rigorous process that is conducted by an Australian Government accredited third party auditing agency at every stage of the production process. The certification logo on the label gives consumers the assurance that the products are free from any dangerous synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

Annual audits of all the Jasmin Skin Care facilities, procedures and record keeping are undertaken to ensure all of our quality procedures are in order. Each Jasmin Skin Care and cosmetic product is Certified Organic by a third party Government Accredited Certifier, the Organic Food Chain Licence No: OFC #0438 and contains a minimum of 95% of certified organic ingredients. The highest levels of purity and product quality assurance possible!

Jasmin is approved by AQIS and recognized as a Grade-A Australian Certified Organic Exporter, providing the ultimate guarantee of the integrity of the products. The Company obtained its first certification in Australia in 2003 under the OFC Program (Organic Food Chain), a Government accredited certifier. Since 2004 the Company has also worked within the framework of the UK SA (Soil Association) standards. Strict annual audits are undertaken of the Company farm at Jasmin Place at the top of Mt. Tamborine and also include full inspection of the whole processing and manufacturing facilities. The final aspect of the annual OFC audit process is the product integrity checking to ensure full compliance with the Australian National Standards that are administered by AQIS. Our fanatical compliance to being certified organic does not stop there as Jasmin Skincare is also certified under the USDA National Organic Program (USDA NOP).

Both the OFC and the USDA-NOP defines organic in a similar way although they are really applying 'Food Standard' methodologies to the Skincare and Cosmetics suppliers. Before a product can be labeled "organic," a Government-approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is following all the rules necessary to meet the OFC or USDA organic standards.

At Jasmin we do not just pay lip service to the word organic, we welcome customers to visit our farm and manufacturing facilities at the top of Mt Tamborine, in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia and see for themselves, how it is possible to produce a world-class, truly certified organic skin care brand.